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Guru Pooja celebration held across all Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan branches bring immense pleasure and zeal to the disciples across the globe. Throughout the year, disciples yearn for this celebratory event to regain spiritual strength and empower their bond with their Guru. Festivities across the nation at Ahmedabad, Amravati, Bangalore, Bareilly, Chakan, Dungarpur, Gorakhpur, Jaipur, Latur, Pathardi, Pauri, Pithoragarh, Saraipalli, United Kingdom amongst many other branches were seen in full splendor. 

Guru Purnima Celebrated with Fervor and Devotion All Over the Globe

As the disciples dig deeper within to incite their connection with their Guru, Gurudev too fosters His disciples onto the path of righteousness. He too yearns for the feelings disciple express on this very day that is meant only for Him. As He continues to cultivate the true disciples out of all His followers, He seeks the pure hearted emotions that spring up only for Him. Therefore, this is a devotion filled pious day between a true Guru and His true disciples.

Devotees reach their local branches swiftly to attend the planned programs, participate, and gain tremendously from them. Many disciples portray their devotion by serving selflessly; others connect through deep rooted meditation, while others spend their day in the worship of their beloved Satguru. Through this, all attain priceless fervor to overcome any trial that comes their way.

Guru Purnima Celebrated with Fervor and Devotion All Over the Globe

Not only the devotees but one may say, also the nature is seen celebrating this very day. The moon takes the biggest shape it possibly can providing its coldness to the earth, the earth softens herself soaking in the summer heat, the wind makes sure to carry the cooling vapors serving all that come her way, water tastes so much sweeter replenishing everything it touches, the sun too shies a little, making the ambience beautiful and enriching. 

His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji has instilled within each follower the selflessness that our world currently demands therefore each center celebrates this occasion benefitting the society as well as individuals. Numerous stages are set, all disciples ready to pay their love, to learn, and to express their devotion. All directions resonate, Om Shri Ashutoshaye Namaha, saluting the one and the only true Guru of the time.  These spectacular events across the world include Vedic chanting, enactments, musical melodies, meditation session, sermons and much more all serving the purpose to enlighten one and all. Community feasts were also served to all those attend the events.

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