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The importance that the Guru has for the disciples can’t be measured in anything, for there is nothing in this entire universe that can even be compared with Guru’s love for the disciples. On the other hand, the disciples can only attempt to reciprocate the grace of Guru by offering soulful gratitude to him that too when the Guru himself provides the occasion for it. One such auspicious occasion falls on the Guru Purnima day when the Guru gives the disciples the rare chance to show their love. This year that day came on the 16th of July 2019. Each disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji paid soulful salutation to him at every branch (Pathardi (Maharashtra), Dehradun (Uttarakhand), Agra (U.P), Dungarpur (Rajasthan), Pithoragarh (Uttarakhand), Sagwara (Rajasthan), Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh) etc.,.) of DJJS all over the world and celebrated the day with heartfelt emotions. 

 Disciples from every corner of the world gathered together to revere Maharaj Ji with the gift of devotion, adulation, and care. The day began with the worship of the Guru by washing the feet of the Guru with love and then flowers were offered drenched in the devotion of the disciples. Thereafter, the Maha Aarti was performed with Maharaj Ji as the focus. The disciples through this reverential action paid obeisance to the Guru who is the embodiment of the eternal divine knowledge (Brahm Gyan). The Guru has not only attained enlightenment but his entire being is a perpetual uplifting example of successful achievement of the spiritual summit. The Guru has bestowed the same ability on all of his disciples. Never ever even for a second does the Guru let the luster of the eternal knowledge fade away. It is to remember and honor this inimitable grace and relentless efforts of the Guru for the elevation of the disciples to his level that the disciples celebrated the Guru Purnima day.          

DJJS Celebrated Love and Devotion for the Guru Across the World on Guru Purnima Mahotsav

The Maha Aarti was followed by a series of devotional songs beautifully sung by the musician disciples of DJJS. The devotional songs were weaved together with the spiritual lecture. The lecture reiterated the need to put in more efforts so as to complete the spiritual journey early for human life’s time is limited. Further, the lecture recapitulated the Guru’s teaching of meditation’s practice as the base for the accomplishment of Guru’s vision of a peaceful world; a world comfortable for the spiritual growth of every human being. A day-long meditation session corresponding to the Guru Puja celebration was also held at the branches. The concluding feature was the distribution of prasadam (edible divine offering)

DJJS Celebrated Love and Devotion for the Guru Across the World on Guru Purnima Mahotsav

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