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It is rightly written in the Sama Veda, “A man’s growth and progress will be hindered if he does not have a pure-mind and a clean body.”

Convocation Ceremony of 14 Rudri Paath batches | 8 May 2021

8 May 2021 marked a very proud day for Divya Jyoti Ved Mandir as over 700 Ved Paathis graduated with flying colours and received their Certificates for the Shukla Yajurvediya Rudra-Ashtadhyayi Classes. The Convocation Ceremony was organised virtually. The event began with the invocation of the blessings of our revered Gurudev Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji through the Guru Strotram mantras.

Convocation Ceremony of 14 Rudri Paath batches | 8 May 2021

Several fun activities were conducted for the audience pertaining to different aspects of the lessons of Rudri-Paath, like correct pronunciation, Sanskrit grammar, etc. Preachers from different branches of DJJS across the country shared their enriching and fulfilling experiences. They talked about the digital difficulties faced during the enrollment process and the language barriers that posed challenges in regions with a minimum percentage of people with the knowledge of Hindi and Sanskrit.

Graduating students from across the country talked about the positive changes they have observed in their thoughts and ambience due to the Ved mantras. They shared how this initiative has played a crucial role in their lives in keeping their mind, body and soul in harmony in the testing and trying times of this pandemic. Sadhvi Deepa Bharti Ji, preacher, DJJS, contributed the concluding remarks. She congratulated all the graduating students for successfully completing their lessons. She thanked all the selfless teachers and volunteers of DJVM for their continued efforts and also explained the significance of learning the Ved Mantras under the tutelage of a perfect Spiritual Master (Purna Sadguru).

Divya Jyoti Ved Mandir is an educational initiative run under the divine guidance of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, which is dedicated towards the study and research of ancient Indian scriptures aiming to re-establish the status of these knowledge reservoirs in the contemporary world.

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