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On 2nd February, 2019, the pious land of Prayagraj observed an intriguing confluence of Science, Spirituality & Sanskriti. This exclusive seminar ‘KUMBH PEACE-OTSAV’ was organised by PEACE Program, the corporate workshop wing of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS: an international socio-spiritual humanitarian organisation). This life-transforming workshop was held at DJJS Campsite, Sector-7, Kumbh, Prayagraj. Several dignitaries from variegated fields- political, judiciary, medical, and academics marked their presence and greatly admired the event. To name a few: Shri Vijendra Gupta (Leader Opposition, Delhi Assembly), Sadhvi Bhagavati Saraswati (Parmarth Niketan Mission), Shri C P Mishra (Director, BBS), Shri Vimal Mishra (Director, IERT), Prof. D K Dwivedi (Director, Shambhunath Institute of Technology), Dr. Krishna Mukherjee (Superintendent, Kamla Nehru Hospital), Shri Pradeep Kumar (Sr. Advocate, Allahabad High Court), Shri Bhupinder Nath Singh (Sr. Advocate, Allahabad High Court), etc.

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organised a Mega-Seminar, 'Kumbh PEACE-otsav' at Divya Kumbh 2019

Based on the 6 auspicious ritualistic snaans (baths) at Kumbh, 6 insightful-cum-intellectual sessions were facilitated by the highly-qualified & experienced preacher disciples of H.H. Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Founder & Head, DJJS).

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organised a Mega-Seminar, 'Kumbh PEACE-otsav' at Divya Kumbh 2019

This much-awaited workshop began with ‘Rashtra Nirman Kumbh’, which highlighted the burning contemporary social issues of India and presented their pragmatic solutions. This first session infused the colours of patriotism and motivated the audience towards nation building through collective pledge.

Next in the series was the session on 'Swasthya Kumbh'. The dignitaries along with thousands of young bright minds from several top-notch educational institutions of Allahabad- UGI, IIIT, BBS, MNNIT, IERT, Allahabad University, etc., enthusiastically performed the hast-mudras and mantra chanting. This was followed by an extremely energising aerobic session, which also incorporated dancing-kicks and tai-chi movements.

Based on the core problems of our mind and its uncurbed proclivities, the session on ‘Mansik Kumbh’, through its logical activities and live demonstrations, provided realistic solutions to experience the phase shift from Monkey to Monk Mind.

Upcoming in the series was ‘Kala Kumbh’. The enthralling beats of Garba and Dandiya encapsulated management and metaphysical facets of these dance presentations. It was followed by the heart-throbbing Baasanti Holi, wherein the colours and flowers deluged the ambience with celebratory fragrance.

The session on ‘Karmyog Kumbh’ threw light on the efficacy of Tarot Card Reading, Gems 'n' Stones, therapies like Past Regression, Numerology, Horoscope, etc. in a fantastic way through comical and rib-tickling theatrics, by the in-house team of PEACE, DJJS.

The session on ‘Vaigyanik Kumbh’ superbly shed light on profound topics like Macrocosmic vis-à-vis Microcosmic Big-Bang, Mathematics and Psychology of Kumbh, Inner Triveni Sangam, etc. referenced from the Vedas and different cultures across the globe. This thought-provoking session touched the intellectual and rational chords of the attendees and motivated them towards Brahm GyanMeditation.

Inspired by the supreme scientist- ‘Adiyogi Shiva,’ a melodious Musical Concert marked a splendid conclusion of the event.

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