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In a groundbreaking initiative, DJJS Manthan SVK recently organized its first-ever Sanskarshala for NRI kids, bringing the essence of Indian culture and values to children residing in foreign lands. The initiative saw enthusiastic participation from NRI families, including individuals from the UK, USA, Australia, and more.

DJJS Manthan SVK Inspires Happiness and Health in NRI Children Through Sanskarshala Workshops

The inaugural Sanskarshala, named "Praffulit Sanskarshala," took place on January 14, 2024, followed by the second session, "Paushtik Sanskarshala," held on February 11, 2024. Both sessions aimed at imparting essential life values to children through engaging demonstrations, lively quizzes, and interactive activities.

The theme of Praffulit Sanskarshala revolved around the concept of happiness. Children learned valuable lessons on maintaining a cheerful and mellow demeanor, embodying the essence of 'Praffulit,' which translates to perpetual happiness.

DJJS Manthan SVK Inspires Happiness and Health in NRI Children Through Sanskarshala Workshops

The subsequent Paushtik Sanskarshala focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle. Kids were educated on the importance of avoiding junk food and embracing nutritious alternatives through DIY healthy snacks and other activities. The sessions were designed to be both informative and entertaining, ensuring the active participation of all attendees.

The innovative approach of DJJS Manthan SVK brought a unique experience to the NRI children, providing them with insights into Indian culture, which is often challenging to access in a foreign environment. The Sanskarshala workshops were met with great enthusiasm, and the children expressed their elation at the engaging and educational activities. Parents, too, lauded the positive impact of the Sanskarshala on their children. Witnessing the newfound habits and positive changes in their wards, parents appreciated the practical implementation of values and healthy practices in their daily lives. The workshops not only bridged cultural gaps but also fostered a sense of community and understanding among the participating families.

DJJS Manthan SVK extends a warm invitation to families residing in foreign lands to join our upcoming Sanskarshala session on March 10, 2024. To enroll your kid to the upcoming Sanskarshala-s, send an email to [email protected]. The theme for the next enlightening workshop is 'Naitik Sanskarshala,' where 'Naitik' translates to morals. In this session, children will embark on a journey to explore and imbibe moral values, drawing inspiration from our past heroes. Through engaging activities and insightful discussions, the workshop aims to instill a deep understanding of ethics and values, shaping the character of our young learners. We invite all interested families to join us for this enriching experience, fostering a connection to our cultural heritage while nurturing the moral compass of the next generation.

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