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Shouldering the individual responsibility towards combating Climate Change, DJJS took the spiritual route for re-energising the Earth. On Earth Hour 2022 DJJS, under the banner of its Nature Conservation Program – Sanrakshan, observed Global Dhyaan Hour – an hour long collective Brahmgyan-based meditation session, across its worldwide network. The Brahmgyani disciples of Divya Guru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, not only switched off the non-essential lights & gadgets for an hour but also connected with the Divine Light within, generating intense coherent vibes of positivity to heal the ailing world.

DJJS Observes Global Dhyaan Hour on Earth Hour

For over a decade now DJJS has been going 60+ on Earth hour, rigorous awareness generation followed by Brahmgyan-based Meditation sessions have been the DJJS norm. Furthering the same, this Earth Hour, DJJS Sanrakshan, in addition to the Meditation session, used its Social Media handles to generate awareness on the issue and spread the word. The hour saw participation of millions of disciples of Divya Guru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. A collective meditation session of ascetic disciples from DJJS all India network was also organized in Delhi-based Divya Dham Ashram. 

Climate change is the biggest environmental threat looming over the human society. Its repercussions are not restricted to an area or a particular sector, rather the impacts are being and will be felt far & wide. As per the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report 2022, the risk is sharply rising. Higher frequency and intensity of extreme events, along with growing heat stress, is projected to have direct impact on the food availability and its prices. Further, increasing atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and climate change are projected to increase diet-related risks factors and related non-communicable diseases globally and increase undernutrition.

DJJS Observes Global Dhyaan Hour on Earth Hour

Ignoring and sleeping over the problem is not the solution. Checking and mitigating these climate change impacts demands unified and concerted efforts, not only at the level of governments and policies, but equally on the level of individuals. Sustainable lifestyles & conscious consumer choices stand essential for addressing this looming crisis. 

Unfortunately, lack of awareness on the issue is the biggest road block in mobilizing this individual action. Bearing this in mind, DJJS Sanrakshan has been incessantly working towards sensitizing men, women and children on climate change and sustainable living. Using the powerful spiritual tool of Brahmgyan – The Eternal Science of Self Realisation, DJJS is finely complementing the informational awareness generation with inner awareness thereby checking the ego-driven wasteful lifestyles.

This strategy of DJJS is reflected in Earth Hour as well. Along with outer awareness efforts, contributing spiritual energy to restore the balance in Nature is DJJS’s uniqueness. For we believe, an hour of introspection has the power to bring significant transformation!

Sanrakshan is DJJS’s Nature Conservation Initiative which for the past two decades, under the guidance of Divya Guru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, has been tirelessly working at restoring & re-building the fading human-nature relationship. For more information visit and FOLLOW @djjssanrakshan on Instagram.

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