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Heaps of garbage, unmaintained parks, messy streets; this is not the condition of any slum area instead it is a common sight at flourishing urban residential colonies of our metropolitan cities. Where on one hand individual homes are becoming more and more furnished and equipped, on the other hand, streets & parks;  the common shared resources are being plundered rapidly.

DJJS Rohini Sec- 15 centre urges residents to Rise for a Clean & Green Society

When Sanrakshan delved into the root cause of this growing plunder, human indifference was found to the prime reason. Addressing the same, DJJS Rohini Sec- 15 centre organized a special cleanliness and plantation event sending out a message to residents to rise for a Clean & Green Society.

On 25 Aug 2017, the young DJJS nature conservators marched in the E/1 Block, Sec 15, and Rohini, raising slogans like “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”,“ न गलियों में न मैदानों में कूड़ा कूड़े दानों में and calling upon residents to join in for a clean society. The RWA President of the area Ms. Divya Srivastava joined these young Nature Conservators and urged the residents to take out a moment and shoulder their responsibility for their surroundings.  Enthused by the spirit of the young volunteers, many came out of their homes and joined the park cleaning initiative taken by the organization.

DJJS Rohini Sec- 15 centre urges residents to Rise for a Clean & Green Society

Cleanliness initiative was followed by a plantation drive to replenish the lungs of the urban spaces. Trees being the oxygen factories set up by nature are the best friends of human civilization as they not only provide life giving oxygen to us but also maintain healthy environmental conditions essential for healthy living. Therefore, saplings of plants with medicinal properties were planted in the park and people were urged to maintain these plants as well as plant more and more saplings to maintain the green spaces in the congested urban setups.

The initiative was highly appreciated and welcomed by the residents. DJJS Sanrakshan is a unique Nature Conservation Program whose motto is to rebuild human- nature relationship. We educate, empower and engage people in diverse pro- environmental activities to steer them sustainably on the path of nature conservation. 

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