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On the occasion of Earth Day, DJJS Sanrakshan undertook the "Children for Earth" campaign at its various centres across India, over a span of one week, starting from April 15 to April 22, with the aim of empowering children, the youngest custodians of the earth, for its conservation. Children for Earth Campaign as the name indicates it’s a unique campaign for the educating and engaging children in nature conservation activities steering them on the path of being environmentally responsible citizens.  

DJJS Sanrakshan empowers children to lead the movement of environmental change on Earth Day 2018

Amidst the current urbanisation trends, it has been observed that time humans spend with nature has gradually reduced with built environments replacing natural environment in modern living, resulting in higher degradation of natural environments. Children are the future custodians of the planet and are the ones who will have to adapt to the changing environment. However, studies show that children have less access to nature now compared to their previous generations; hence, they might just remain passive beings throughout their lives and do nothing to limit their use of resources. It is highly needed that they be imparted proper environmental education and engaged in activities that guide their behaviour towards bringing a change.

Bearing this in mind, annually on the occasion of Earth Day, DJJS Sanrakshan undertakes the said campaign for steering children to stand for the cause. This year too, DJJS centres across India mainly focused on conducting sensitizing workshops for children in schools, wherein the disciple preachers apprised them of the planet's environmental condition by narrating the "Story of Mother Earth", and through various other activities and games, encouraged them to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. Moreover, several children who were sensitized in the previous years under the same campaign, stepped forward to sensitize their peers and masses in general  through road rallies, nukkad natak, dance ballet, exhibitions, etc. Not limited to this, these nature conservators also carried out tree plantation and distributed saplings to encourage everyone to do their bit for protecting the planet.

DJJS Sanrakshan empowers children to lead the movement of environmental change on Earth Day 2018

Additionally, some branches also sensitized masses in general through spiritual platform. The objective was to spread awareness about the fact that it is earth's atmosphere that makes life possible for humans. If humans continue to pollute it, the Earth would no more be called as the life- supporting planet. Under this campaign, thousands of people came forward and took a pledge to mark their support for the cause.

DJJS Sanrakshan has been conducting similar kind of workshops for past 10 years and producing environmentally responsible people, who later become drivers of change and steer others towards protecting the planet.

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