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Addressing the pressing issue of deforestation that serves as a major cause of climate change, DJJS Sanrakshan commemorated Van Mahotsav- the annual Indian tree festival during the month of July at pan-India level. The initiative aimed at urging masses to adopt the practice for restoring the deteriorating health of environment. As its name signifies, Van Mahotsav is a festival of forests, meaning an occasion to venerate the forests and the trees for their integral role in sustaining life on Earth.

The great damage caused by rapid industrialization, motorization and urbanization to land, air and water over the years has put the environment on the verge of collapse, demanding humans to assume their responsibilities at the earliest. Tree plantation is considered a sacred practice in Indian culture, for the various benefits it provides to various life forms on Earth. Infact, Vedic Indian rishis carved Indian lifestyles around Nature and nature conservation was an integral value in the Indian living systems. However, in the veil of ignorance and desire to adopt western lifestyle, the common man distanced itself from the nature, which has subsequently led to the current state of    environment. 

In order to revive the age-old tradition of tree plantation and develop a sense of reverence for it among the humans, DJJS Sanrakshan has been celebrating Van Mahotsav all across India for almost a decade now. Furthering the same thousands of saplings of herbal plants like tulsi, amla, niazbo, neem, elaichi, ashwgandha etc. were distributed and several were planted across the country to restore ecological balance as well as revive and strengthen the bond of human- nature relationship.

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