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As a part of DJJS annual engagement with Dalmia Bharat Delhi office, DJJS Karkardoma, New Delhi centre organized a thought provoking green habits workshop under the banner of newly unveiled Sanrakshan #EkAchiAadat Campaign.

#EkAchiAadat| DJJS Karkardoma, Delhi centre undertakes Green Habits workshop at Dalmia Bharat Ltd.

The workshop started with an eye- opening state- of environment photo presentation which took the participants through the global environmental condition. At the sight of this compilation of award winning environmental photos, the audience was left with expressions of pain, misery and tension. However, the agenda was not only to ignite the emotion of concern for environment, the agenda of the said campaign is to bring about an individual realization that our choices, habits and actions matter. Thus, the steering the conversation from problem to solution DJJS Nature Conservators discussed the concept of ecological footprint with the audience and through a Sanrakshan customized mechanical footprint calculator, the participants were made to calculate their own footprints. The process of calculation was an insightful half hour spent on understanding and judging individual lifestyles through the lens of environment.

#EkAchiAadat| DJJS Karkardoma, Delhi centre undertakes Green Habits workshop at Dalmia Bharat Ltd.

The calculation session turned out to be a time of realization invoking participants to volunteer and share their realizations with their fellow participants. The workshop culminated in green resolutions by the participants.

Responding to the deepening environmental emergency, DJJS Sanrakshan recently launched its unique sustainable living campaign #EkAchiAadat. The campaign is special in the fact that it is not just about advocating and imbibing some green habits rather it focuses on reviving the limitless pro- environmental habits already imbued in traditional Indian living system.

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