Meerut: Giving credence to a woman for her prodigious work, which otherwise is snubbed by the society, is what DJJS believes in and puts through every year. Under the banner of its Gender Equality Program 'Santulan', the organization conducts Annual Santulan Awards on every International Women Day to pat women's shoulder for the remarkable contributions they make to the society. After 6 Annual Santulan Award events, DJJS is now carrying through 7th Annual Santulan Awards in various regions of India and crediting icons of women empowerment.

International Women's Day 2016 commemorated through Annual Santulan Awards at Meerut, UP

The grand event at Maharaja Aggarsen Bhavan, Near KK Inter College, Delhi Road, Meerut witnessed gracious presence of Mr. N.K Taneja-Vice Chacellor of CCS University, Mr. J.S Negi-Higher Education Officer, Mr. Sudhanshu Singhal-Chairperson (BIMT) Guinness World Memory Record Maker and Mr. Girish Bansal-Businessman as the guests of honour. Beginning with deep prajwalan and awakening commentary by Mrs. Vichitra-Principal of Muktaaksha, the program witnessed an exquisite cultural dance performance on women power followed by a skit showcasing the lowering status of women today since ancient times. Another phenomenal dance performance by students of 'Deaf and Dumb School' created an aura of empowerment. Every woman participant was given a flower to celebrate womanhood and make her feel good about being a woman.

International Women's Day 2016 commemorated through Annual Santulan Awards at Meerut, UP

Post the cultural performances, Sadhvi Lokesha Bharti Ji delivered a motivating lecture tagging every single woman as a hero in real sense. She also highlighted the bitter fact how a woman is robbed of recognition in spite of her countless accomplishments in every sphere. “The derogation in the status of women on one hand can be attributed to the criminal offenses she is subjected to by the society and on the other hand to her silent acceptance to the subordination by not raising voice”, said Sadhvi Ji. She concluded her words with a brief on ideology of head & founder of DJJS, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji to alleviate woman spiritually in order to make her realize her self-worth.

10 women achievers were shortlisted and invited to the event as the awardees. The Chief Guest was called upon the stage to give away 7th Annual Santulan Awards to women selected for their groundbreaking performance emblematic of women empowerment.

Sadhvi Lokesha Bharti ji-Coordinator of Meerut centre of DJJS extended a thank you note to the chief guest, guest of honor and the distinguished audience. The event was concluded with an awareness-creating exhibition followed with high tea and a group photo session.

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