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Kamdhenu project, first of its kind, is an initiative of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan which aims at preservation, breed improvement and creating awareness regarding use of Indian breed of cows. Over the years, the program has gained traction amongst scientist, agriculturist, religious leaders and political class. It has not only addressed professionals, researchers but also enthusiasts all over the world.

Religious Fraternity Assembled Against ‘Gau Hatya’ at Jantar Mantar, Delhi

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan's (DJJS) representatives from Kamdhenu Gaushala were invited at ‘Bovine conservation’ program held at Jantar Mantar, Parliament Street, New Delhi on 7th Nov., 2016. The religious leaders from different arenas assembled together against ‘Gau Hatya (Merciless killing of cows)’. Swami Vishalanand Ji, preacher disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (founder and convener of DJJS) discussed the benefits of Indian breed of cow and why cow conservation is essential for the benefit of mankind. This entire day event had the at-length discussion on this topic.

Swami Ji discussed that ‘cow’ is not merely an animal but it is given salutation of a ‘mother’ as per Hindu literature since ages. He urged people to delve deeper and understand the reasons behind it. Apart from giving milk to the mankind, every bit of her life is dedicated towards the service of mankind and environment be it urine, cowdung, milk. It is with love she gives all to the humans just the way a mother gives every bit of herself to her children and doesn’t expect anything in return.

Religious Fraternity Assembled Against ‘Gau Hatya’ at Jantar Mantar, Delhi

All the leaders from the dais unanimously agreed to Swamiji’s viewpoints and urged the humans to rise up to the level of humanity that ‘Mother cow’ has so that they are not uprooted from their ancient roots.

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