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Sanskarshala is one of its kind monthly workshops that are organized for children aged 4 to 12 years by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan’s (DJJS) holistic education program Manthan Sampoorna Vikas Kendra (SVK). The theme for June month’s Sanskarshala was Samvardhan Sanskarshala. Through these workshops, DJJS Manthan SVK prime focus is to address the well-being and happiness of students with a strong emphasis on skills such as mindfulness, self-awareness, critical thinking, reflection and other social-emotional skills. Through these sessions children will thereby foster general mental well-being and development along with specific capacities such as calmness, clarity and concentration

SAMVARDHAN SANSKARSHALA inculcating mindfulness into children | June 2023 | DJJS Manthan SVK

In the month of June 2023, 43 Samvardhan Sanskarshalas were conducted that benefited approximately 1669 children across all the globally located DJJS branches as well as in various schools namely, Bhoomika Foundations, Bengaluru, Karnataka, Sri Saleshwara Primary School, Karnataka, Abhinandana Spoorthy Dhama, Taluk Raichur district, Karnataka.

Samvardhan Sanskarshalas commenced with group meditation and chanting by Manthanites. DJJS preachers conducted mindfulness-oriented sessions for children and elaborated on the significance of following a healthy lifestyle by being stress-free. Children were encouraged to practice daily habits like waking up at Brahma muhurta, benefits of meditating, breathing techniques and studying during the early hours of morning were explained through interactive videos and presentations. The need to maintain correct body posture, following good listening habits and managing interpersonal relationships with peers, family and teachers were taught as well. Children participated in these sessions with great zeal. They were intrigued by the variety of mediums that guided them towards mindfulness practice, such as storytelling, reflective conversations of Q&A and fun quiz activities conducted by the preachers and volunteers.

SAMVARDHAN SANSKARSHALA inculcating mindfulness into children | June 2023 | DJJS Manthan SVK

Education has a larger purpose to serve and hence, it needs to reflect the needs of today’s society. Sanskarshala workshops strive to inspire children by providing both mental and physical wellness lessons. Children who are mindful either through their character or through learning, tend to experience greater well-being. The purpose of education is not just to equip students with required knowledge but also to create individuals who are confident, mindful, responsible, and happy, who collectively build a harmonious society. The workshops concluded with chanting shanti mantra and prayers. Everyone paid their humble salutations unto the lotus feet of Divya Guru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, who is the sole inspiration and guiding force behind all the endevours.

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