Dungarpur: For apparent reasons, the knowledge of self-defence for women today is not significant, but a requisite. If we scrutinize the graph of crime against women, it calls for women to be self-empowered and equipped prior to expecting societal support. Rajasthan being the ‘Land of Kings’ is such traditionally patriarchal city that has created a culture, through age-old prejudices and ingrained son-preference, that perceives women subordination and gender discrimination as a custom that eventually results in crime against women. DJJS recognizes such a scenario to be hazardous and thus, is active in the state to head simultaneously towards, empowering women in true sense to combat all forms of violence & realize their worth; and awakening dormant consciousness of individuals to inculcate respect for women and their existence.

Santulan underscores the need of the hour: 'Women! Be your own insurance'

Moving forward in its women empowerment drive ‘Tu Hai Shakti’ against sex selective abortions, DJJS Santulan crossed another rung in the ladder of women empowerment and conducted a skill enhancement workshop for girls and women from 27th January to 29th January 2017 at Madhav Park, Pratap Nagar, Dungarpur, Rajasthan, to impart self-defence techniques to women in the crime exhaustive society. Renowned personality Mr. Rajkumar Menariya-the International trainer, Gold Medalist, holder of excellence award by The President of India, was invited as the chief speaker and to conduct the training and teach simple techniques to the women for self-defence to immune themselves against any form of physical assault. Other guest speakers in the panel included Sh. Bhoj Kumar (Additional District Megistrate, Rajasthan Govt.), Sh. Chandra Prakash Singh (Chief Judiciary Megistrate), Sh. Ashish Gupta (Chief Executive Officer-IAS), Sh. Rajiv Pachar (Supritendent of Police-IPS), Sh. K.K Gupta (Chairman - Nagar Parishad Dungarpur), Smt. Chaya Choubisa (Public Relation Officer) Dungarpur- Banswada(Raj.)), Smt. Deepika Dwivedi (Principal- Maharaval Sr. Sec. School, Dungarpur) and Smt. Girija Vaishnav (Principal- Govt. Sr. Sec. Girls School).

The workshop began with welcoming of guests with flowers, followed by a brief of Tu hai Shakti Campaign and its objective by Sadhvi Bhagirathi Bharti ji-disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji and coordinator of DJJS Dungarpur arm. Each speaker was invited on dais to share perspective on status of women today and future’s demand for their empowerment today.

Santulan underscores the need of the hour: 'Women! Be your own insurance'

Introducing Mr. Menariya to the attendees, Sadhvi ji accentuated on the aspects to be covered to holistically empower a woman, physical empowerment being the objective of the day. Emphasis was laid on the combination of physical empowerment, educational & economic empowerment along with the inevitable need of spiritual empowerment. Post the lecture was an educative demonstration of the techniques by Mr. Menariya that also involved participation of volunteers from audience to teach different tricks.

In the end was a concluding note by Mr. Menariya, appreciating Santulan’s ceaseless ventures in regards to re-establishing women glory. The training workshop witnessed presence of approximately 225 women and girls. An exhibition was also arranged after the workshop with the display of gender sensitizing publications. Placards and frames were arranged that were held by visitors, pledging to voice against crime and exhibit zero tolerance.

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