The heightened son preference ensuing to devaluation of girl child unveils that the society does not seem to let go of the bias against girl child. The crime rate is ever worsening and the term womanhood has been pushed to the verge of extinction, changing the status from adverse to alarming. DJJS through its gender equality program Santulan endeavours to strike gender balance with 2-pronged approach of awakening the dormant consciousness of society on one hand, and empowering women holistically on the other. In its drive to attain the said, DJJS Kapurthala conducted a mass sensitizing marathon on April 28, 2017 from Shalimar Bagh through Amritsar road, Bus Stand, DC Chowk, Sainik School to Kamra Bagh (Sainik Rest house), Kapurthala, involving active participation of more than 400 girls.

'Save Girl Child' Marathon under the banner of Santulan by DJJS Kapurthala, Punjab

The awareness creating program began with a brief discourse by Sadhvi Urmila Bhart ji who put across the reasons behind fading glory of womanhood. She also emphasized on the numerous accomplishments of women in various social spheres being ignored by society leading to protraction of son preference. Accentuating the discriminated socio-cultural fabric of the state, Sadhvi ji discussed the fidelity of nation being progressive leaving the girl child behind. Thereafter began the marathon wherein participants holding placards and howling slogans to save and value girl child, walked briskly through streets and lanes with a vision to create sensitivity among thousands for girl child and halt female feticide. Ms. Deepti Uppal (District Magistrate) flagged off the marathon along with eminent personalities of state viz, Mrs. Sukhdeep Kaur Multani (District Program Officer, Kapurthala), Mr. Sumeet mudh (Sub divisional magistrate), Ms. Manpreet Kaur (PCS), Ms. Hapreet Kaur (Child Development Project Officer, Dhilwan), Mr. Susheel (Child Development Project Officer, Phagwara), Ms. Roshan Khera (Assistant District Education Officer) and Ms. Harpreet Kaur (District Child Protection Unit, Kapurthala).

On arrival at culmination point i.e. Sainik Rest house, a note of appreciation was delivered by honorable guest Mrs. Sukhdeep Kaur Multani to participants for being part of the drive. Further, she recognized the fact of DJJS being a socio-spiritual organization whose global operations are managed by female disciples of the organization’s head and founder Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. She also offered her support and participation for future workshops and initiatives to be taken in this regard in the state.

'Save Girl Child' Marathon under the banner of Santulan by DJJS Kapurthala, Punjab

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