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Paving the way to eternal freedom, selfless volunteers work tirelessly to clear out the mud left behind by the recent rain at Prayagraj Kumbh Mela campsite. The heavy rainfall had soaked the carpets, the tents, and all things in the premises however they were unstoppable to recover everything and restore it to continue with the planned events. His Holiness has infused zeal into these brave and diligent individuals to overcome any task at hand. The youth volunteers are determined to spread the divine light His Holiness has lit in them. They have worked day and night dispersing the true knowledge of divine - the pious message of Brahm Gyan.

Selfless Volunteering, the Load Bearing Wall of the Organization

As they contribute towards the set goal of World Peace, they chant out loud “Jai Shri Ram” and connect within to the divine name using the Brahm Gyan technique. Their connectivity to the divine within is what drives them enabling them to tackle anything that comes their way.

Their contribution to the making of the divine era enriches lives of all that witness this work. All were astonished to see the recovered grounds at Prayagraj despite the heavy rainfall. Seeing this, many question where the zeal to work so generously comes from. Approaching any of the disciples of His Holiness, they will testify that the source is their Satguru, the one who has connected them to their true divine selves.

Selfless Volunteering, the Load Bearing Wall of the Organization

This service does not end at the mela however becomes a lifetime memory and augmenting the volunteers’ lives. They feel the sweet nectar of such service for years to come, telling stories, and re-living the remembrances.

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