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Lord Krishna enacted beautiful divine plays during His pious incarnation in the Dwapar Yuga. What we think is life in entirety, is merely a divine play of the Lord. He sets forth a purpose that is predetermined and pre-accomplished when He descends on the earth. Various plays, sagas, in-depth spiritual indications, as well as childhood mischiefs of the Lord were orated from the Shri Krishna Katha stage set in Shahkot, Punjab on April 15- 19, 2019. Sadhvi Saumya Bharti Ji, the orator, shared many anecdotes and the hidden lessons in them, from the Lord’s life.

Seven Days of Shri Krishna Katha Provided Spiritual Strength in Shahkot, Punjab

The audience came each day to gain new spiritual insights and experience the divinity present at the congregation. Sadhvi Ji explained that Lord’s incarnation on this earth happens whenever true religion is in danger and evil prevails. In today’s times we see evil all around and we need a messiah to establish true religion and reawaken humanity. 

How does one recognize a messiah who would come as a savior of this world? The answer lies in our scriptures which says, the one who enables you to experience your true self- the Atman, is a true Jagat Guru, the messiah.

Seven Days of Shri Krishna Katha Provided Spiritual Strength in Shahkot, Punjab

The Katha laid the foundation to seek a true spiritual master, one who can initiate his disciples into Divine Knowledge and make them experience the divinity within, just like Krishna initiated and made Arjuna experience true divinity in the battlefield. Divine knowledge is the only tool that can connect us to our divine self. This divine connection to the true self equips us to accomplish anything and everything that once seemed impossible.

Following this path of true spiritual knowledge brings in a lot of fervor, zeal, peace and prosperity in the lives of the seekers. If more and more people get connected to their divine core there would be peace in the family, then the community, then the nation and finally the entire world.

His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, is the true spiritual master of our times and is on a mission to initiate more and more people into this Divine Supreme Knowledge, which would finally help in accomplishing His dream, His vision of World Peace.

His disciples work tirelessly organizing and conducting spiritual programs across India and even abroad to spread this powerful Divine Knowledge. 

Every single day of the katha was a humungous success and it touched the hearts of all the audiences. Throughout the katha, the musical team rendered soulful and melodious spiritual compositions which left the audiences mesmerized and touched their hearts and souls and filled them with devotion. 

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