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With the advent of technology and unparalleled pressures of modern lifestyles, the lessons from Bhagwat Gita are being neglected from our lives. Krishna Katha is a divine platform to epitomize the revelations of Shri Krishna entrenched in our scriptures. Across the globe, Lord Krishna, the supreme almighty is regarded as a quintessence of transcendental knowledge and absolute consciousness. The spiritual enthusiasts acknowledge the dogmas and doctrines of Lord Krishna as an excellent precept of leading a perfect life and to achieve inner peace and salvation.  Under the divine guidance of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the people of Bathinda region in Punjab were blessed during the course of Shri Krishna Katha organized from 30th October to 3rd November 2019. The Katha orator Sadhvi Jayanti Bharti Ji gracefully acquainted the gathering of spiritual devotees with the revelations of Shri Krishna’s spiritual lore. The inquisitive seekers of spirituality attending the Krishna Katha were captivated by the soulful bhajans and celestial treasures of divine discourses imparted from Lord Krishna’s life.

Shri Krishna Katha at Bathinda Highlighted the Need of Spiritual Awakening as the Key to Eternal Happiness

Sadhvi Ji blissfully highlighted ‘Spiritual Awakening’ as the prominent doctrine of Shri Krishna to the mankind. It means reaching out to the true potential and being aware of the higher state of one’s existence, eventually to be conscious of the real nature of world of objects around. Sadhvi Ji advocated that pursuing the sense-objects and the worldly desires only culminates into ego and greed for more. To get rid of misapprehensions of mind and torment, knowledge of ‘Brahm Gyan’ or supreme knowledge is the only cure. ‘Spiritual Awakening’ kindles the power for soulful introspection and eradicates the vices and delusions as one treads the righteous path of action. In order to overpower the waves of the wandering mind, one is required to experience the divine truth as demonstrated by Lord himself to Arjuna by bestowing the gracious gift of Divine Eye. Lord himself essayed the role of ‘Jagat Guru’ and enlightened the spiritually starving souls with the true connotation of karma, devotion, worship and yogic ideals.

Shri Krishna Katha at Bathinda Highlighted the Need of Spiritual Awakening as the Key to Eternal Happiness

In conclusion Sadhvi Ji reminded the audience about the advice by Shri Krishna that ‘Spiritual Awakening’ can only be experienced by seeking the divine refuge of a munificent master of the Era, who can simplify the complex algorithms of the divine science through a practical experience to the human souls. Mediation is the perfect tool to grasp the spiritual energy attained through the opening of the divine eye. Mindful mediation learned from the Perfect Master paves way to eternal happiness and harmony. It is the most powerful divine procedure to attain tranquility of mind. The science of Spiritual awakening thus leads to a perfect equilibrium of body, mind and spirit and is the key to self-growth and heightened state of self-awareness and consciousness, that enables one to lead a more purposeful way of life.

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