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To spread the inexplicable knowledge, divinity, love and righteousness imbued in Krishna leelas and Krishna devotion; Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organized a spiritually vibrant 7-day Shri Krishna Katha program from 12th to 18th Dec, 2022 at Pul Prahladpur, New Delhi. Renowned Katha Vyas Sadhvi Aastha Bharti Ji, in the supreme guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, eloquently narrated that the one and only way of making this life or human birth worthwhile, is by securing and filling it with the true devotion of the Supreme as revealed by Lord Krishna and all other incarnations of Lord. Each day of katha program witnessed emergence of thousands of devotees and seekers of spiritual path, making it a grand success. The musical team of devout disciples, rendered soul stirring melodious bhajans throughout the katha, touching the heart of every single attendee.

Shri Krishna Katha demystifies the Eternal technique of true devotion and the essence of Lord's love at Pul Prahladpur, New Delhi

Sadhvi Ji explained all the endeavours of human beings are always directed towards the attainment of happiness, peace and love in life. However, despite all the efforts in this direction, the results seem far from the goal. Suffering has become synonymous with life in current times. The world seems to have no remedy for this malady. Reason being, the plant with fruits of happiness and peace is somewhere inside us while we are seeking those fruits from somewhere outside. The kingdom of Lord which is within each one of us is the incessant reservoir of such gems that we seek in life. When a Perfect master like Lord Krishna unlocks the gateway to this reservoir and reveals our true self, that is when we find the path to true devotion and we achieve that peace and happiness in life.

Sadhvi Ji further elaborated that every human being is in some way a devotee, that devotion is sometimes for spouse, family, wealth, name fame, luxuries of life etc. While there are many of us who are proud in being devotee of Lord Almighty. However, that devotion to Lord which is driven by whims and beliefs of our mind is actually the devotion towards our mind and not the Lord. Devotion begins by Knowing God, through the path directed by the Lord.

Shri Krishna Katha demystifies the Eternal technique of true devotion and the essence of Lord's love at Pul Prahladpur, New Delhi

God of Infinite and sublime love manifest Himself from time to time in human garb in the role of Satguru to teach mankind of this knowledge (Brahm Gyan) to see God within. An awakened devotee who practices this knowledge, then beholds God through every window of thought and space, and the Cosmic Beloved beholds the devotee through every window of His omnipresent love. As did the Radha, Gopikas, Meera, Arjuna, Narsinh Mehta, Namdev etc, who became immortal for their devotion by submitting completely onto Lord’s will and relying entirely on Him. As Lord Krishna pronounces – “The only way you can conquer me is through Love and there I am gladly conquered.”

Sadhvi Ji profoundly invited everyone to know Lord, by treading on the beatific paths of Brahm Gyan revealed by the revered master Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, perfect master of this epoch. Large number of devotees poured in from various corners of city, they participated heartily by singing and offering devotional prayers. The program served its purpose of elucidating everyone about the rightful purpose of human life. The guests and devotees present, highly appreciated the tireless efforts of DJJS towards the many societal issues .

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