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To re-establish dharma on the planet, Krishna incarnated as Jagatguru and motivated people to experience the real bliss of religion. Similarly, His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Perfect Master of today’s time has invited people to join the ultimate revolution of all times i.e Spiritual Revolution. To step forward in same direction awakening Shri Krishna Katha was organized at Sunam, Punjab from 10th of April to 14th of April 2018. Katha acted as a spring in the lives of attendees and ended their suffering by connecting them to truth.

Five day event was preceded by Mangal kalash yatra in which hundreds of devotees participated. It made people aware that astonishing Shri Krishna Katha is being organized in their area which further inspired people to attend the program. Sadhvi Rupeshwari Bharti Ji played the role of orator and elaborated the teachings of Lord Krishna. Katha was further beautified by bhajans representing feelings of a devotee towards God. She said that Krishna incarnated to end all the evil prevailing at that time and blessed devotees with his divine audience. Bhakts who used to worship lord for ages came in the form of gopis and gopals and Krishna gave the gift of his company. He played, ate and saved them from monsters. Though he was a kid, but people had realization that he is not an ordinary being. And those who had ‘Brahm Gyan’ knew exactly who he was.

She further explained with an incident of Bhakt Akroor. He was one of the relatives of Krishna, who came to take him to Mathura to participate in an event. He was sent by Kans and exactly knew his intentions. So, he was worried about little Krishna. During the passage, Krishna took his worries by showing him his real self. Krishna blessed him with ‘Brahm Gyan’ which is an eternal science of self-realization. When true master blesses you, third eye also known as adobe of almighty gets awakened and soul gets connected to super-soul and you can enjoy endless scenes of internal world with in you.
She also elaborated with an example of Draupadi that bhakt should always rely on God. Draupadi was being exploited in front of everyone near and dear to her but no one helped her in times of need. But as soon as she got connected to lord through ‘Sumiran’, Krishna appeared and protected her. All other incidents were mentioned to explain the love lord have for his devotees. Thus, participants realize the importance of having ‘Satguru’ in their lives and took ‘Brahm Gyan’. They were mesmerized by social work done by organization to improve the structure of society and were keen to join the spiritual revolution started by Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji.

Shri Krishna Katha Elaborated the Meaning of True Love at Sunam, Punjab

Shri Krishna Katha Elaborated the Meaning of True Love at Sunam, Punjab

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