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Devotion is not a matter of body or mind; it is the supreme union of souls. It knows no ego or lust; neither greed nor it is merely an attachment which breaks easily. It is the pinnacle of ecstasy which is beheld long after physical closeness disappears. It is accomplished by hardship. It doesn’t just happen and one has to make efforts towards it. One has to go through pain, sufferings and come out victorious. Ample examples such devotion is evident in our holy scriptures. Shri Krishna Katha is an epitome of devotion be it Lord Krishna, Radha or other soul mates in the form of Gopis.

Shri Krishna Katha Emphasized on True Devotion and Divine Love at Sangrur, Punjab

Such a spiritual bliss of devotion was disseminated in Sangrur, Punjab in the form of Shri Krishna Katha. Five days of spiritual bliss starting 26th June to 30th June, 2019 was experienced in the discourse by Sadhvi Garima Bharti Ji, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Head and Convener of DJJS). Devotion, being the epitome of love, is achieved by the great souls who go through turmoil yet do not waiver a bit. Sadhvi Ji gave example of mother Yashoda who protected her little Krishna from all harm, poured maternal love on Him and still called herself only a nanny of Lord. The beloved Radha who had purest feelings for Lord Krishna, did not take any offense on the scornful remarks by the villagers for her proximity to her flute bearer Krishna. All Gopikas of Vrindavan who loved Krishna to death did not have a trace of envy for each other though they all had the same lover. Lord Krishna had a unique bond with each one of them so much that each could feel its own Krishna with herself.

Shri Krishna Katha Emphasized on True Devotion and Divine Love at Sangrur, Punjab

Sadhvi Ji said that worldly love is seldom unconditional. Within the boundaries of domesticity, it is limited to merely give and take. On the other hand, Sadhvi Ji said that Meera Bai was an ardent devotee of lord Krishna relentlessly and thought of Him as her husband.  Though Lord Krishna had played His role in a past era, He appeared before Meera to reveal to her the ultimate truth. Hence, devotion is not for the ones who lack courage and perseverance.

Sadguru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji the perfect master of today’s era, has germinated seeds of devotion in his disciples through Brahm Gyan. Brahm Gyan is the reflection of one’s soul and constant practice upon Brahm Gyan brings one closer to God. This is how unconditional divine love accentuates with the devotee. In our culture, there is a practice of naming oneself or one’s progeny as God’s slave- Ram Das or Krishna Das. This explains the aesthetic nature of divine love that makes the devotee fall to the feet of the lord and call oneself the slave of God. Devotee assumes the highest valour when life is sacrificed in devotion or service.

All five days of Krishna Katha were showered by grace and limitless love of Sadguru Maharaj Ji. The purpose of this Katha was fulfilled as the message of Brahm Gyan was conveyed to all fortunate audience present there.

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