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Stars were shining and moon was in full charm when melodies and plays of most glorious avtar of Vishnu were sung by the devotees. DJJS once again organised the pious Shri Krishna Katha for devotees of Ludhiana, Punjab under the holy guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. 28th October 2018 marked the beginning of event and continued for five days till 1st November 2018. Sadhvi Rupeshwari Bharti Ji orated about the plays and character of Shri Krishna. She proved that God always does extraordinary chores and have subtle meaning behind them. She enunciated wonderful plays of Krishna’s childhood which not only made listeners joyful but also awaken them towards the pious reasons behind them.

Shri Krishna Katha in Ludhiana, Punjab brought the Spiritual Revolution among the Masses

She started with the cause of birth and mentioned the state of Mathura city and condition of people at that time, wrath of Kans and about prediction of his death. Shri Krishna though gives salvation but was born behind the bars. He was as dark as night he was born in and had divine powers as all the doors opened by itself so that he can get out and live his divine plays. Audience celebrated birth of Krishna by showering flowers and singing his glories. Sadhvi Ji then told the stories of all the daemons Kans sent to kill Krishna and how easily Krishna got rid of them. These daemons represents vices prevailing in mind of a man and one can only get rid of them when he/she comes under the holy resort of god.

Shri Krishna Katha in Ludhiana, Punjab brought the Spiritual Revolution among the Masses

Orator focused on evil present in society and through divine plays of lord Krishna gave the ultimate solution. She said reason of all chaos and evil is our monkey-mind which makes us believe that we can find happiness in riches and material of the world and prevents us from connecting to God. But when a Satguru comes in our lives, with the grace of god, he gives us a path to connect to God by opening our inner door. The only thing that differentiates human body from animals is this door that opens inside and makes us a realised being. God has created man in his own image but only perfect master of the times can make that come alive. He blesses one with eternal science of self-realisation, Brahm Gyan which demolishes all our vices and makes us a real human being as described in Shastras. Initiating into Brahm Gyan is the beginning, after that one has to practice meditation daily to achieve his/her ultimate goal and freedom from all vices which will eventually be the cause of perfect society.

Audience was captivated till the last day and was submerged in feelings of devotion. Religious songs sung by selfless volunteers of DJJS acts as a catalyst to motivate people to attain Brahm Gyan and be part of the solution and end all evil prevailing in the society. It was a successful event as people were very keen to know more about Sansthan’s social initiatives and join the holy mission.

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