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Shouldering its environmental responsibility, DJJS Jalandhar centre organised a special bicycle rally under the banner DJJS Nature Conservation Sanrakshan, in the city on 16 Aug 2016 to raise social consciousness on the issues of growing Air Pollution and deteriorating environment. Thousands of DJJS Nature Conservators rode through the city on bicycles raising slogans like Stop Air Pollution Save Life, Plant a tree save the planet and appealing people to adopt green living.

STOP AIR POLLUTION SAVE PLANET| Special bicycle rally organised by DJJS Jalandhar centre

Chief Guest for the event Mr. Kamal Kishore Yadav, Deputy Commissioner, Jalandhar and Guests of Honor namely; Mr. Rakesh Rathore, Former Mayor; Mr. Kanth Kaler, famous Punjabi Singer; Dr. Balraj Gupta; Owner Rattan Hospital; Mr. Deepak Bali, M.D. Plasma Records; Mr. Deepak Modi, Modi Chest Clinic, Mr. Rakesh Shantidoot, Chief editor Metro encounter, Mr. Robin, Cluster Head Radio Mantra & Mr. Rashim Mahajan, Businessman flagged off the rally from Shri Sai Das School Ground.  Stamping the need for individual action for environmental restoration, the honourable guests themselves rode bicycles to motivate residents of Jalandhar to pro-actively make their due contribution towards environmental protection.

Growing industrialization, rising population, changing lifestyles, rising number of vehicles and unplanned infrastructural growth have all led to growing air pollution, rising waste production and overall environmental degradation in the city. “With the aim of drawing attention of the residents towards these issues which directly impact their health and well- being, DJJS undertook this  bicycle rally, wherein bicycles stood as a symbol of green living” , informed  Swami Umeshanand Ji, ascetic disciple of Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji, Founder & Head of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan.

STOP AIR POLLUTION SAVE PLANET| Special bicycle rally organised by DJJS Jalandhar centre

Living in the age of technology and better interconnectivity, rising numbers of people in developing societies aspire and strive for “American Living”. Scientists warn that if everyone on this earth starts living the American resource intensive way then we would need at least FIVE EARTHS to fulfil the needs of the population. However, we JUST have ONE EARTH! Thus, we ought to SAVE IT.  Upholding this fact, Sanrakshan cyclists wore ‘Live Green’ bandana and clamped their cycles with awareness generation posters educating masses on green living.

As the green caravan traversed the major areas of the city namely, Main Heera Gate, Milap chowk, Company Bagh chowk, Namdev chowk, BMC Chowk, Model town, Guru Nanak Mission Chowk, Namkodar Chowk, football chowk, Chik chik Chowk, Kapurthala Chowk & Workshop Chowk, lakhs of people inquisitively stopped by, initially gauging what and whereabouts of the convoy but later were left inspired and motivated to shoulder their environmental responsibility. Several of them joined their voices in raising the pro- environmental slogans, thereby marking their support to the effort. The 15 kilometre ride culminated at Sai Das School Ground, where Hon’ble Mr. Kamal Kishore Yadav, Deputy Commissioner, Jalandhar in his special address congratulated DJJS for successfully undertaking such a wonderful initiative in the city.  Famous Punjabi singer, Guest of Honor, Mr. Kanth Kaler in his address appreciated the work of the organisation and marked his commitment to support the cause. The initiative was highly applauded by all the eminent guests as well as residents of the city.

DJJS Nature Conservation Program Sanrakshan has been undertaking several pro- environmental initiatives across the country to steer both urban and rural societies towards green living.

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