West Delhi: A woman is tagged as the most powerful creation of god with just one flaw that it is incognizant of its own capabilities. This one flaw, on one hand, encourages the opposite gender to have sense of superiority and on the other, discourages women to be vocal about this discrimination. Recognizing the issue as one of the major pullback in walk of women empowerment, DJJS is conducting various campaigns nationwide to attain holistic empowerment of women, "Tu Hai Shakti" in Delhi NCR against sex selective abortions being one of them. An addition to the series of programs under this campaign was made in the form of an awareness workshop in Mother Mount School, Vishnu Garden on February 14, 2016.

UNITY OF WOMEN | Empowering women & creating social catalysts

The 3-hour workshop was organized with a group of about 200 ladies from nearby area. Dr. Taruna, Gynaecologist in Guru Gobind Hospital, Mrs. Anita Sharma-Advocate, Ms. Ritu Vohra-Councillor of Tilak Nagar and Mrs. Popli- Mother of Chairman of Mother Mount School were invited as the guests of honor. The workshop began with the tradition of lamp lighting by guests followed by a sensitizing presentation by Sadhvi Aditi Bharti Ji, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji-Head & Founder of DJJS, on various forms of crime prevailing in society, sex selective abortions being the most prominent one. By means of a short video and thought-provoking skit on 'Good Touch Bad Touch', she educated women to be vocal about the imposed violence and encourage their daughters too to do so.

The session was continued by Dr. Taruna with an informative presentation on health and hygiene of women and how essential it is for the societal health. The health vertical was taken forward by Sadhvi Aditi Bharti ji by a quick Pranayam session. After the Pranayam session, Sadhvi ji shed light on how discrimination and false value creation is created against girl child since her birth. Sadhvi ji emphasized through an activity that the women need to work in unison to bring the real transformation and extend the benefit to masses. Through an enlightening presentation, she explained the meaning of empowerment in true sense and illustrated how mere educational/economic empowerment fails to give women their very right of dignity. The need of the hour is to awaken the women at soul level that will not just strengthen her, but also help her realize her self-worth.

UNITY OF WOMEN | Empowering women & creating social catalysts

The workshop was concluded by Ms. Ritu Vohra with an appreciation note and acknowledgement of DJJS' initiatives for women empowerment and eradication of sex selective abortions. Sadhvi Ranjeeta Bharti ji, coordinator of DJS Vishnu Garden branch delivered a thank you note in the end and invited the attendees to the exhibition arranged with high tea post workshop. The participants penned their feedback and pledge to be a part of campaign on the signature board set near the exhibition.

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