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To promote health seeking behavior and practices, DJJS Shimla organized a special ‘Health Awareness Program’ to mark ‘World Health Day 2019’ at Kalibari Hall Shimla in Himachal Pradesh on 7th April 2019. The chief guests Sh. Rajesh Sharma, Deputy Mayor of Shimla & Sh. Inderjeet Singh, Head Trade Division of Shimla, inaugurated the program with lamp lightening along with other eminent guests Dr. Rakesh Thakur, Dr. Nayantara & Dr. Shivanjali Bansal (ISMC Hospital, Shimla) and DJJS Preachers Swami Dheeranand ji, Sadhvi Punya Bhart ji & Sadhvi Omprabha Bharti Ji.

'World Health Day 2019': Holistic health and well-being ensured through 'Health Awareness Program' at Shimla

With a gathering of 400 people, a two and a half hour event began with classical music and explanation of its healing & therapeutic effect on physical & mental health by Swami Dheeranand Ji. He explained how daily dose of classical music produces a significant decrease in blood pressure; reduces stress, anxiety & depression, and also enhances feelings of satisfaction, relaxation, optimism & hope in life. During the yoga & pranayama session, the most effective techniques of yogasanas and pranayama like kapal-bhaati, anulom-vilom, bhastrika and bhramari were taught to the gathering through live demonstrations.

'World Health Day 2019': Holistic health and well-being ensured through 'Health Awareness Program' at Shimla

To offer logical and pragmatic solutions to the problem of stress, an inspiring lecture on Stress Management was given by DJJS representative Sadhvi Omprabha Bharti Ji. Sadhvi Ji asserted that meditation is a body, mind & soul practice and is the best pivotal tool for stress management, mind-control, self-assessment, physical relaxation, improving psychological balance, coping with illness, and enhancing overall health and well-being.

On this occasion, Dr. Rakesh Thakur delivered an informative talk on High Blood Pressure & Diabetes. He explained that hypertension is a common comorbidity in patients with diabetes, and adequate control of blood pressure significantly reduces the risk of macro vascular and microvascular complications. Also, Dr. Nayantara gave intricate information and guidelines on Dental Health to enable prevention of dental disease like tooth decay, cavities, bad breadth and gum diseases. This was followed by a Skit performance enacted upon by DJJS volunteers highlighting the basic health & hygiene practices; and the problem of addiction & drug abuse as well.

After the program, a Health Awareness Rally was also organized which was inaugurated by the chief guest Mr. Rajesh Sharma along with Swami Dheeranand ji, Mr. Inderjit Singh Ji and other dignitaries. Many youths participated in the rally carrying the placards with health awareness & drug addiction messages to sensitize the masses.

The event was well covered in the newspapers– ‘Amar Ujala’, ‘Himachal Dastak’, ‘Dainik Savera’ & ‘Punjab Kesari’.

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