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In response to the rising urban water crisis, on the occasion of World Water Day 2019, DJJS organized a special consultative meeting with water stakeholders of East Delhi at DJJS Karkardoma branch office, Plot No. 45, Vishvas Nagar Extn., Near Karkarduma Court, Ahead Yamuna, Delhi-93 on 26 March 2019.

World Water Day 2019 | DJJS Karkardooma Organises a Roundtable Meeting With Water Stakeholders

Furthering the mandate of its annual NEER SANRAKSHAN ABHIYAN, state- of- art campaign of DJJS  Sanrakshan focused on building water- wise future, DJJS brought together water stakeholders from various sectors including local schools, market place, resident welfare associations, local builders, members from local non- governmental organisations, home- makers and senior citizens to discuss the looming water crisis in the area. The meeting was chaired by DJJS Sanrakshan, pan- India Program Incharge, Sadhvi Aditi Bharti and Karkarduma branch coordinator, Sadhvi Chaitanya Bharti.

World Water Day 2019 | DJJS Karkardooma Organises a Roundtable Meeting With Water Stakeholders

The meeting started with unveiling the grave picture of current water crisis in India. It is a well-known fact that life originated in water and it thrives on water. 70% of Earth is water and 70% of our bodies are water. Scientists establish the fact that a person can survive without food for about a month but life without water is simply impossible, survival for even a week is difficult. Therefore, water is one resource which is an essential pre- requisite for life. Unfortunately, we have drifted into the time where this most essential resource stands wanting. The last NITI Aayog report published in June 2018, states that India is suffering a massive water crisis. If some serious action is not taken now then by 2030 the water demand will outrun the supply. By 2020, 20 major cities of the country will run out of their ground water resource.

Unveiling this grave picture of the current water crisis in India, DJJS Nature Conservation Program Definitely the  hour demands serious replenishment and reformatory measures to the save the precious resource from drying out, but are we sensitive enough to the gravity of situation? Raising this issue opened the floor for discussion. Representatives from diverse fields shared the attitude of residents in general, attitude of children and that of local governing bodies towards the issue.

Rounds of discussion on the subject categorically underlined the extremely negligence of locals and governing bodies in managing the available water resource. Indifference on the part of consumer led to massive water wastage while casual attitude of the governing bodies further added to problem.

Turning on the role of individual action in water conservation, the traditional method of community based water management was highlighted and was seen missing in the current water management scheme. Despite the busy metropolitan lifestyles, when urged, the stakeholders admitted that local action can make a stark difference in resolving the water issue.

The meeting ended with a strong resolve by these local actors to motivate and mobilize local action for executing alternative water harnessing and management techniques to deal with the water issue in the summer months.

The idea of the meeting was to stir the stagnant mental waters and prepare a base for undertaking concerted water action in the area. The enthusiasm and pro- active participation of the stakeholders helped fulfil the aim of the meeting and open channels for further collective action.

DJJS Nature Conservation Program: Sanrakshan launched its ‘Neer Sanrakshan Campaign’ 5 years ago. It is one of its kind campaign dedicated to generating water awareness and steering masses on the path of sustainable water conservation.

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