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Dehradun (Uttrakhand): Based on key concerning factors viz. health, education, protection etc. for women, Uttarakhand is placed 13th in nationwide Gender Vulnerability Index (GVI), observed by an NGO, stated in Hindustan Times, November 2017 issue. The situation is such that the very existence of women is in jeopardy. Paying heed to this ever worsening juncture, Santulan team is proactively working with women in the state, beginning with Dehradun, in order to demystify myths and misconceptions against girl child and educate them in gender perspective to secure a gender just future for generations to come. The work by Santulan is framed in the form of a campaign with diverse initiatives, advocacy sessions, gender sensitization workshops, awareness drive, awareness walk etc., to name a few. The programs observe coherent philosophy behind age-old prejudices against women along with the sole remedy of awakening at soul level to awaken dormant consciousness of individuals.

From Domestic Violence to Sex Selective Abortions, Dehradun needs treatment for all

Targeting large audience from the beginning, an awareness counter was arranged at Herbert Pur, Vikas Nagar, Dehradun on May 18, 2019 that successfully reached out to more than 1500 people from surrounding areas. The desk witnessed variety of activities like below:

  • Display of enlightening divine publications of Santulan outlining the subject, ideology and remedy to rising gender based issues
  • Focussed counselling on routine challenges that people encounter in relation to gender discrimination as to how to tackle & respond
  • Adorned counter with posters with slogans to value girl child, importance of women and need for gender equality
  • A message-wall inviting visitors to pen down their understanding/views of women empowerment
  • Mass distribution of Santulan pamphlets having clarity on gender based stereotypes that are being carried forward since ages till date

Please find below snapshots of similar initiatives across DJJS implementation center Dehradun in Uttrakhand.

From Domestic Violence to Sex Selective Abortions, Dehradun needs treatment for all

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