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The Gender Equality program – Santulan of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan running under the divine auspices of HH Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, undertook yet another show stopper initiative in the form of bashful Walkathons of girls and women led by women riders on bullet bikes, scooties, jeeps and open audi cars, advocating need for change of overall societal mindset including cultural prejudices against womenfolk. The array of young and dynamic female change agents carrying the banner of “Respect Women, Elevate the World” throttled the age-old skewed belief system of the society in gender perspective and laid stone for the dawn of Vedic values and dignity for women even in the 21st century. The aforesaid initiative extends support to the United Nation’s 16-Day Orange the World, Unity Campaign from Nov 25 – International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women to Dec 10 – World Human Right’s Day. “If we are to fight discrimination and injustice against women we must start from home for if a woman cannot be safe in her own house then she cannot be expected to feel safe anywhere” says Aysha Taryam (the first Middle Eastern Female Editor-in-Chief of an English language newspaper - The Gulf Today). Santulan recognizes that repeated abuse to women eats away their self-esteem that eventually drives them to death. Thus, to enable women live a life of dignity and self-worth, it is imperative to strike gender balance at the home front that eventually would show up at the social front.

Santulan advocates for change, with its yearly initiative - Respect Women, Elevate the World

Some important points:

  • India is reputedly known globally for its pluralism and diversity, a congenial blend of culture, languages, cuisine, arts and architecture. Especially metro cities like Delhi & Mumbai observe wide range of migrants from all across the nation and are exposed to variety of mind-sets too. Where Delhi & NCR houses majority of Government offices, IT & BPO industries; Mumbai is the gateway to Modern India which is popular for being the financial, fashion & entertainment capital of country.
  • However, these glossy states have a flip side too where its advancement fails to hide the insecurity for womenfolk. As per NCRB data 2016, the National Capital New Delhi continues to witness maximum crime against women among metropolitan cities with a count of 13800 cases followed by Mumbai City of Maharashtra which ranks second with about 5100 cases. These daunting statistics exhibit the exigency of eradication of the root cause of this human rights’ violation in these areas, in order to improve the status of women.
  • Santulan stamps skewed mind-sets as the principal cause of the ever worsening women stature and is thus on its toes to transform the societal mind in women perspective, not just to eradicate violence against women but rather pave for its total prevention by cultivating much needed respect for women.
  • Having the said vision, this year, the massive sensitizing drive was organized in the form of road rallies and walkathons inclusive of regional flavours to ensure an effective cultural move for a bigger change.
  • Right from the National Capital – New Delhi to UP and Haryana and down towards Maharashtra – the periphery of Mumbai where the agents of change clad in Marathi outfits throbbed the roads and other public areas jolting people with posters/placards of slogans to highlight the nerve-cracking consequences of continued gender based violence.
  • Santulan is striving to alleviate women from all shackles of powerlessness by empowering her at soul level. This contagious sense of empowerment will eventually eradicate all the women related issues from grassroot level and lead to attainment of ideal state of gender equilibrium.

Catch sight of snapshots of initiatives taken under “Respect Women, Elevate the World” in different cities of the country – &

Santulan advocates for change, with its yearly initiative - Respect Women, Elevate the World

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